What is PPVRip?

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  1. Jonny Cage

    The Last House On The Left 2009 PPVRIP READNFO XVID – STG released last night or this morning.

  2. Fruitmachine

    Great, thanks for the info? But are they watchable? doe it make sense to download them at all? I am actually not too much into bootlegs or screeners. Is the quality any better?

  3. Shadow

    New PPV release, Inglourious Basterds with NL subs on newsgroups.

  4. admin

    Yes they are far from “Bootlegs” which I assume you mean Camera’s taken into the cinema.
    A PPVRip is taken from a TV, sometimes HDTV and others SDTV. Mostly are taken from Pay-Per-View in Motels in foreign countries such as Europe. I was lucky enough to see the first ever PPV released by STG Group and the quality of that release was almost exactly the same as a ‘Screener’ (SCR), and the Video quality was standard definition, which was a little better than a new-age VHS, and the Audio was Stereo 128 Kbps whixh is very decent with minimal noise or distorting.

        My overall review is it is worth the watch, I have watched every one released and until the R5DVD or DVDRip comes out, there is nothing that compares – having said that PPV’s are very rare after just a few month flurry, and R5DVD seems to be the quality standard until Pre-Retail for us hardcore Movie Buff’s!

    Enjoy, and stay tuned as we have more Authors and will be updating this Blog with more R5 News and much more Movie Release News & Trivia….

    By: NobleJay (Admin)

  5. admin

    There is actually a DVDScreener which came out from a Scene Group within a few hours of this PPVRip, which I recommend downloading instead due to the Audio and Picture quality increase.

    EDIT: As of 48hrs later a number of groups have their own duped copies, such as PRisM, STG, iMAGiNE, iCG and others – I suggest checking out the Samples before downloading, but avoid STG being one of the first it was rushed from what I can tell.

  6. noblejay

    Hi Fruitmachine, R5 DVDRips are faaar from Bootlegs or Screeners. Is you read the About page you will get a better understanding. I will wxplaim R5 Releases briefly for you, and any others stuck on that question that has plagued us all at one time or another when it comes to R5′s.

    An R5 is actually a Region 5 Retail DVD, region 5 being Russia, just like Region 4 is Australia & NZ. So they are FULL retail quality in Russia, with Russian (and sometimes English Audio – usually on straight to DVD releases).
    So what an Scene Release R5 DVDRip is, is the exact ripping of the DVD, then they remove the Russian Audio Channel and use a High Quality English LiNE Audio usually recorded and saved in the Group’s Archive (if good enough) just waiting for the R5′s Retail Release, so that the group can be known for it’s first to have DVDRip-like quality. You will also get lot of releases by different groups, all using the same Source (or their own rip) but the Audio will vary. So having the best Audio is key in the R5 Release World.
    Most of the LiNE Audio is taken from TeleSyncs (which also use great quality LiNE audio in most cases), which makes way for an array of ‘after’ releases with varying Audio quality, usually if it is LiNE Audio it is generally vert good,

    SO, Is the Quality Any Better? you asked. My answer to the question simply is YES and every few releases, a hot Release Group will have that perfect :iNE Audio they have been hiding away just so we can watch the R5 with complete satisfaction, as if watching a Region 1, Region 4 etc Retail Version.

    Is it worth downloading R5 DVDRips, Yes indeed. And if in doubt there is usually a sample in the post (If you use the mighty Sharez Phorums) of around 2-5mins of the movie so you can test the Audio and even Video quality before downloading. I have only even been let down when downloading an R5 and that wa the latest one with Mel Gibson (Edge of Darkness) as the audio was very distorted as if rushed or maybe even CAM Audio with too many filters – either way too many filters trying to fix it, and the only llet down in an R5 (unless of course it says CAM Audio, but you have to expect that!)


    One last note, R5 are NOT like Bootlegs or Screeners with very low quality Video, images or timers on the Video and suttering and all the rest you [i]could[/i] expect from a Street or Downloaded Bootleg! Having said that I have nothing against CAMS, TeleSycs or Screeners of any kind if they are a good flick, and the overall is upto my personal 6/10 viewable rating, then I will give anything a go, and so should you…..

    Until next time, keep the R5 DVD Scene Alive by posting comments, downloading the later R5′s and check back with your R5DVD Blog for the latest in R5 News and What-Not.

  7. guest

    Despicable.Me.PPVRiP is out. :grin:

  8. Nightmore

    Despicable Me PPVRiP AC3 XViD – IMAGiNE

    Was released today i think.

  9. Haysen

    I have stumbled upon a PPVRip movie and was wondering whether the movie is worth downloading or not :?: Is it considered good quality ir not :?: Thx

  10. noblejay

    Hi there Haysen, yes the quality is very decent, more like he quality of a DVDScreener or HDTV Rip. I have watched a few myself and all have been rather good veiwing. Not as good as DVDRips obviously, but considering it comes from a HDTV you can consider it virtually the same as a TV Show Rip, if no a little better depending on the Source TV and PVR.

  11. noblejay

    Great Stuff, I will do an addition ASAP.

  12. corym

    I work in a hotel. We still have CRT televisions in the rooms, so every movie on the Pay Per View system is 4:3 aspect ( We’re going HD soon so that’ll get 16:9 happening ). I’ve copied a few over to my portable hard drive to watch at home.

    I can’t remember if they’re in WMV or MPEG format, but usually we get a dozen or so “new” movies delivered every month, movies that have been at the cinema for a few weeks, or just just before they get released here on DVD.

  13. noblejay

    Yes that is correct, it all depends how ‘High-End’ the Motels are to what TV’s they have, but 99% of PPVRips are from 16:9 LCD TV’s that I have personally seen, though a couple have been 4:3 but still TVRip Quality then put through Color and Audio Filters when Encoding to reduce Audio/Video Noise etc.

    I will post some screenshots when I can find some that show the same scene from PPVRip and DVDRip.

    Thank you for your comment and your insight corym.

  14. Shahiran

    Meaning the quality is not DVD. Not worth downloading then.

  15. Adrian Kleffman

    Man I love your post and it was so informational and I am definetly going to save it. I Have to say the Superb analysis this article has is greatly remarkable.Who goes that extra mile these days? Well Done! Just another tip you canget a Translator for your Global Audience !!!

  16. greyfox

    saw Dinner for schmucks PPVRip. Quality is decent.

  17. MoE

    The best R5 release is one that comes with AC3 audio.

    In my personal opinion, its almost if not exactly like a DvDRIP or Retail DvD quality

    So any movie that comes with for example: “movie.name.R5.AC3.xvid.ZZZZ” is in perfect audio and video quality. A10/V10

    I’m telling you from personal experience.

    Hope that helps :)

  18. Kare

    Devil 2010 PPVRiP XViD-IMAGiNE

  19. pecad00

    Hello, What about subtitles? Is it easy to find english subs for PPV rips?

  20. d3vlabs

    I cant say ppv rips are better or worse then dvd screeners/vhs screeners/r5 in my eyes they are incomparable . all of the ppvrips i’ve seen sreenshots for (or sampled) have been lower quality then vhs and more comparable to a decent TELESYNC quality. for instance “Devil” or “Despicable Me” releases that been circulating around.

  21. noblejay

    Well, yes as they have to be hand made so people tend not to go to the trouble of making subs for PPVRips – In my opinion.

  22. Bob

    There are also copies of the new Harry Potter release out at the moment claiming to be PPV aswell, but the quality is abysmal and more like a TS. (Although how it can be PPV for such a new film which isn’t even out on anything but cinema, I don’t know!)

  23. noblejay

    Bob, I highly doubt that it is a PPVRip, for starters PPVRip’s are films very close to actual store release [in one country or another], and as you pointed out the quality is the worst ‘so-called’ PPVRip I have ever seen in my time. Its a Fail and a Telesync [TS] nothing more. Just wait, I even suspect a skip of the PPVRip in Harry’s case and straight to DVDScreener or R5Dvd.
    Thank you for your comments.
    - Editor

  24. bobo

    “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 2010 PPVRIP XviD-WBZ” just released

  25. ukborn

    Watching harry p at the mo. Quality is really good. Claimed to be ppv though not sure. Well worth a look though.

  26. noblejay

    It is hard to find English Subs for PPVRips until the DVDRips come out, then you can use them – OR unless a P2P/Scene/WRZ Group makes them especially.

  27. noblejay

    Well everyone has an opinion. I download R5DVD Rips & Some PPVRips, but usually PPVRips if done in a high class hotel on LCD come out alright, like Harry Potter was OK. Or wait 2wks after PPV & you will have a DVDScreener or R5…. Easy :-) …Plenty to choose from pal.

  28. lalith

    what is the player we have to use for ppvrip Formet :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

  29. Wrapt

    Wow stoked to find this site when i was looking for info about PPV.
    Have put this to Fav’s as will come back and read more from time to time.Been grabbing movies now for awhile and found that leaving info on movie sites has helped people so much i try to do it to every movie after i’ve watched it.I take R5′s SCR’s and of course DVDRIP’s and only had 2 bad d/loads.
    Thxs for all the info Noblejay will pass it on to my mates :grin: :grin:

  30. noblejay

    You can use the Windows Media Player Classic or VLC Media Player (you can find MPC download on this blog under Resources).
    PPVRip format is the same as any other – either .avi, mkv or mp4.

  31. noblejay

    Thanks for your appreciation of the Blog. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything only having 1 Author but hopefully we’ll get more help this year.

  32. fisha

    is ppvrip movie free to download?

  33. noblejay

    Yes they are free if you know where to look. We don’t tell people how to get pirated stuff. But if you visit our main sponsor http://phorum.ws – you will find what you need there, and you can get FileServe & HotFile Premium Accounts through the banners in our posts.

  34. Prometeo

    For some reason, I have the feeling that these might have come for airplane rather than a hotel. I flight a lot and I’m always surprised to see that most of movies have been in cinemas just one or two months ago. Same format.

  35. Pete

    What I want to know, is why are PPV rips always wrong aspect ratio?

    They are first cropped to 4:3, and then stretched to 16:9.

    This is pay per view, but who would pay to watch a movie in such shitty quality?

    I can’t imagine a hotel showing movies so poorly.

  36. mypetwussy

    just be grateful

  37. noblejay

    Thanks for your input – feel to apply for a Writers Position, we need people like yourself on Staff! ~ Benefits are great.

  38. noblejay

    Well, Airplanes also have PPV’s & they have low resolution/quality 4:3 displays on the back on head rests. Screening Rooms of private functions also have them. It is the encoding and stretching that makes some PPVRips low quality. I have personally seen original 16:9 PPVRips I assume from a private Jet ot Penthouse Suite, also 4:3 aspect ratio that was almost as good as a DVD (except the audio as I assumed it was transcoded to Dolby 2.0) – Conclusion: It all depends on the source….and if you know anything about Movie Rips, sources vary from country to country, resolution to resolution and encoding settings used to bring us the end result.

    BTW: There are some great 16:9 and 4:3 PPVRips out as of June-July with great Audio in Dolby and some great encoding work by some great Release Groups…. Don’t be turned off, if the PPVRip is not upto standard you can BET the R5 Dvd Rip is only days to weeks away with full Studio Film & LiNE Audio….

  39. noblejay

    No, I’d get the R5 which is out this month, with English Audio. I have seen the PPVRip of Furious Five and it is 9.5/10 for a PPVRip IMHO. Very good sound quality, and the Video is better than 85% of all PPVRips ever released (8.7/10).
    When I get some Helpers/Staff and Writers, I will be adding screenshots for each and every movie published, and when we change hosts we will be adding some cool new features suh as Torrent Links and File Hosting Links.

    This should all be happening at the end of August 2011, as our hosting runs out here and work out how we move over to a new host (any php/mySQL/WordPress Gurus tio volunteer, we will appreciate kindly!)

    So, again lol, just wait for the R5, or if you are desperate, as I was, it is a very decent watch. I’ll try adding some screenshots today. — Check back here on this reply or on the PPVRip Post.
    Thanks for reading and asking our opinion.

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