Hotfile is feeling the hurt – Mass losses in uploads and DMCA crackdowns

Since January I signed up for a 6 month straight Premium Account for, as after a few weeks of research it actually did seem like HotFile was the new Rapidshare on the sharing scene. As Rapidshare took a big hit due to removing it’s Rewards System and giving users only a set amount of Bandwidth to use each day then they simply cut you off, rather than the ISP technique of ‘Shaping’ users by slowing down speeds, (much like free users) instead of just allowing a certain amount of download bandwidth. But Rapidshare still has it’s upside with a huge user base which equals quality uploaders, but still not worth buying Premium in my opinion.

Over the past few months almost every Warez Forum have been searched by the ‘Bots’ of for any links at all and then deleted them for copyright reasons. The only time I manage to actually find a Movie or Applications is in the first few hours or first day of it’s upload. Hotfile has also Banned 1000′s of Uploaders and Affiliates accounts over the past few months. I myself now only upload eBooks, and Windows 7 Tweak Tools, themes, wallpaper packs etc… Though overall I have given up on and once my Premium Account expires in June 2011, that will be the end for the Premium Hotfile for me! It is just too hard to find links that last anymore.

As far as the future of Hotfile goes it’s hard to tell. DMCA are trying to sue Hotfile’s owners, who are based in Russia for knowingly selling copyrighted material and encouraging users to upload and download it, which if you look at the big picture is not too far from the real truth. Yet it is still mighty hard to prove in a court of law, but yet have since started using Bots and crushing almost any links being uploaded that have a major download count – it seems the reason being to save face… and of course all of their money before they eventually get shut down. Smart guys!

As for the future of Sharing File Hosts as a whole, there is so many popping up the last 12 months, that’s another article altogether. But I have a list of favourites that I have been using lately that seem to have a great user base, which of course means the best links for downloads.

Download From FileFactory!

MegaUpload [A+]
Sample Download Link: Big Mama – Like Father Like Son (2011) DVDRip.x264-350Mb

FileSonic [B+]
Sample Download Link: (The Killing S01 E07)

FileServe [B]
Sample Download Link: (The Killing S01 E07)

UploadStation [A]
Sample Download Link: (The Killing S01 E07)

FreakShare [B+]

WUpload [B+]

All these File Hosts are great for free users as well as Premium members, I have also given them my personal ratings as a personal user which is based on:
Free User Speeds
Wait Times for Free Users
Premium Prices
Popularity Amongst Uploaders (Available Links)

If you are waiting for you’re account to expire like me and are hunting for a new Premium or Free user account for downloading from your favourite File Sharing Forums (eg. ), then here is a choice of some of the top new and older File Hosts that are here to stay and worth the monthly fee if you download like me (Premium-ly).

If you have any other File Hosts you use feel free to comment and share you’re experiences with us.

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  1. Regalo Uomo

    I prefer Megaupload for a free user is very good for downloading. But the last month i checked rapidshare it changed a lot.

  2. noblejay

    Yep, I actually have a Premium Megaupload account at the moment. I like Rapidshare for free downloads now also – You are correct it has changed alot the last 6mths, it’s alot better now for free users as there is no waiting timer and unlimited file size! My top 5 free and premium sites are-: Megaupload, Rapidshare, Fileserve, Bitshare, FileJungle

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