R5 DVD Blog is a information and discussion website for all things relating to Region 5/R5 DVD’s and Ripped Releases. We also have alot of information on other release types, technical info and movie formats and codecs relating to the download and ripping scenes, where “R5″ is refered to the most.

What is R5 DVD?
Put simply R5 means Region 5. Regions are the areas certain DVD’s will play and Region 5 is Eastern Europe – (Former Soviet Union) Russia. R5 DVD’s are usually released with only russian language so the “DVD Rippers” will use the quickly released Region 5 commercial DVD for the video with a english direct audio (usually from a previous TeleSync release) synced over the top – this is where alot of people see the “R5″ displayed.

A Scene Release Group had this to say in the early stages a couple of years back when R5 was first bought onto the commercial and pirate scenes:


Note on R5/TC’s

Over the past 6 months the major movie studios have been releasing retail DVDs early in Russia. They do this to stop the widespread use of pirated telecines (which were once very common). Lately however there has been very few real
telecines, most of the scene telecines you see are actually R5 retails.

R5 retail is rushed out by the studio, they are basically competing with pirates, so there is little to no cleanup of the film after the telecine process. So the main difference between telecines put out by the pirates is that the r5’s are done using pro equipment, professional studios and professional people. The quality of R5 retail is very similar to dvdscr’s, no time is usually spent cleaning up dvdscrs either.

The range of quality we now have is like this.
R1/2 retail > DVDSCR > R5 Retail > Telecine > Telesync > Cam.
Vhs scr and workprints, come around the tc/ts mark (obviously differs between rls).

What Makes a R5 DVD / Release?
A Region 5 DVD is the commercial release of a hollywood movie with Russian voiceover synced with (usually lower quality) theatrical release.
A R5 DVD which is downloaded as a ‘Scene Release’ or ‘Movie Download’ is a rip of the commercial Region 5 DVD, which is then stripped of audio and synced with the english audio version. This is usually done by plugging a recorder of some sort into the earphone jack located on the seats at most theater’s (U.S.A) for the hearing impaired. This recording is then transfered onto a PC, and using editing software, is synced with the silent video. The end result is a brilliant quality, usually 7/10-9/10 of the U.S commercial release (which is usually not due out for month’s later).